Although Afrikan Cowboy Publishing was incorporated in the UK in 2002 , the company actually started in South Africa in 1994. Dean Hart the owner and director began his career at 17.


After many years of classical music training and developing his songwriting skills he was signed to Warner Music( Tusk Music) as part of a songwriting duo 3.45. The Band had top 10 hits in South Africa.Pop music has always been in his blood and seemed the natural direction for the future.


The company really began when Dean started writing for television and radio. From adverts for nappies to national banks and cars. Major advertising agencies and production companies used the services of Afrikan Cowboy Music over a period of 7 years. Also during this time Chameleon Cowboy Music was formed , which was a partnership between Chameleon Studios in Johannesburg and Afrikan Cowboy Music. This collaboration signed and developed artist specifically for the South African market. They signed artists to EMI, Gallo and BMG achieving the biggest advance for an unknown artist ever.


Dean moved to the UK in 1998 and began writing songs full time building up his own catalogue of hit songs. He worked out of the Workhouse studios with Manfred Mann gaining valuable knowledge about music and the industry in the UK from the Legend himself. Eventually ending up writing and producing various tracks on Manfreds album "2006".


In 2002 Afrikan Cowboy Publishing started trading in the UK with major cuts in Taiwan and Hong Kong beginning a long and succesful sub publishing relationship with BMG Asia ( now Universal) . Europe , Australia and Japan followed and Afrikan Cowboy's sub-publishing network grew to facilitate the collection of royalties from all these territories.


Afrikan Cowboy Publishing has achieved multi gold and platinum status in Asia and Japan has had releases in Germany, UK, South Africa, Italy, Netherlands, France, Japan, Tawian, Hong Kong , China and many more.


Our ethos is definately centered around the song and it's hit value. We know what makes a great song and whats makes a hit song.




Asia - Universal Music

Japan - Universal Music

Africa - Sheer Publishing

Netherlands - Cloud 9

Germany - AMV Talpa

France - Happy Music

Italy - Edizioni Curci

Spain - E.M. Clipper's/Clipper's Sounds S.L.


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